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Xpo Site Updates and other Asundry Items [Jul. 27th, 2006|02:23 pm]
Xtreme Xpo of the Rockies


Alright, so Kathy, Becky and I went to check out the site today. It's workable. Much smaller than the original plan, but we knew that. Some things will have to be outside as there is simply no room inside without it being a complete logistical nightmare.

I'll send another email tommorow with any additional notes that I think of, and notes from the meeting on Sunday. Attached is an image (not to scale) of the site, and tenative area planning. Please let me know if you have any feedback on this (besides the crappiness of the image).

Notes: The red squares in the center are all demo areas, or mini gaming areas, or CCG areas... whatever we need them to be at the time. The communications spot is essentially an electrical closet... with a desk. Granted, it's a very big closet, but it's a closet. The event reg is there for folks who have already come into the con, and then want to register for special events afterwards. Our measurements on the building is 221' X 90', counting the food court. Not counting the food court it is 170' X 90'. I know it doesn't look like it on this image, but we are taking video watching, etc into consideration. I'm just still figuring where to stick it (don't even...).

Also, an update specifically for you Cam: As I don't remember the exact #'s for volunteers on security before, Becky said a minimum of 15 per shift (2 shifts) and preferably 25. She made me note it, so I'm sending the info.

ALSO, we need a full staff walkthrough no later than Sept. 1st! I will email everyone/call to let them know once we have a definitave date on when we can go.

ALSO ALSO, please keep in mind that the sizes of some sections can change depending on what's actually needed. I'm planning for what I know and have been told. Ex: Video gaming is supposed to have an assload of TV's. Not to mention, likely an assload of people. Hopefully, we'll have a fair amount of dealers. That spot is mutable depending on how many we actually get.

Again, please let me know what you think. Questions, commentary.... I refer you to our directors.

This would be the rough draft of the site. This is -not- to scale!